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Withdrawal Agreement Reciprocal Healthcare

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This provision applies in the same cases, provided that the competent authorities in the United Kingdom grant reciprocal treatment to workers who reside and work in the United Kingdom or Gibraltar. In addition, British nationals travelling to Switzerland before the UK leaves the EU will continue to be covered by their UK-issued AEC for the duration of their stay. These include visits that began before Brexit and ended after the UK withdrew from the EU. If a visit begins after the UK withdraws from the EU, the ECA may no longer be valid. This 2018 Alliance document outlines how current mutual agreements work and the impact of a possible no deal or bad deal for both patients and health care providers. (2) We have made specific transitional arrangements for persons insured in the UK who may be in a particularly precarious situation because they become ill before leaving the UK and need treatment on the day of discharge. If a person needs health treatment before the UK leaves the EU and treatment continues until after Brexit, the UK government will pay for this treatment period for up to one year (or the period allowed for an S2) or the duration of treatment, if it is shorter. This applies to people who receive health care as an S1, S2 or CEV holder. Agreements have already been reached with a number of Member States and the UK Government is working to conclude further agreements before leaving the EU on 31 October. The government is currently holding technical talks with countries, such as Belgium, which have already passed national legislation that will support mutual health care with the UK after Brexit.

Niall Dickson, Director General of the NHS Confederation and co-chair of the Brexit Health Alliance, gave evidence to the EU Civil Liberties Committee on Brexit and stressed the interest of the Confederation and the Alliance in maintaining mutual health rules between the EU and the UK after the EU`s withdrawal. See a video of his evidence. (a) S1 – The United Kingdom pays for the health costs of S1 holders, which include state pensioners, people on disability benefits, some workers and their relatives living in the EU. Under the Common Travel Area (CTA), British citizens living in Ireland will have access to health care in Ireland on the same basis as Irish citizens, meaning they may have to contribute financially. The UK government is in deep discussions with the Irish government to reach an agreement that would allow for the ongoing mutual health agreements. British and Irish citizens living in Ireland will continue to have access to free health care while visiting the UK. This is independent of the circumstances in which the UK leaves the EU. Yes, the emergency measures adopted by the Spanish government guarantee your health care during temporary stays, provided that the competent British authorities grant reciprocal treatment to Spanish citizens.